Ritika Sahni is a rare breed of Singer-Performer who always sets the stage aflame with her scintillating presence and her resonating vocal timber of a Himalayan Nightingale.

She holds a Master's Degree in Music from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata and was honoured with a Gold Medal for her outstanding performance. Ritika has a melodious and trained voice which sings Indian and Western pop, Bollywood Film Songs, and Light Indian Classical Songs. She does dazzling shows across India and abroad with her band of musicians, dancers and stage craft technicians.

Having quite a few Bollywood Film Playback Hits and noteworthy Indi-Pop Albums to her credit, Ritika is also a humble Producer of Creative Music of contrasting shades. During the last decade, she has not only created volumes of Music for Children which work as great Fun-Learning Aid at Nursery Schools and Developmental Workshops, but has also released some outstanding Prayer Songs and Hymns that are derived out of Vedic Spiritualism.

Apart from being a music maker, Ritika has an identity of a Disability Activist too. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Deaf Education (B Ed) which has enabled Ritika to Teach and Lecture at various institutions dealing with disability, for the last eighteen years. At present she is the Founder-Trustee of Trinayani, and keeps working untiringly for the cause of Awareness about the world of Disability and the promise of Equality for the people who are "Differently educational and living needs". Ritika conducts workshops, publishes Literature and Poetry, broadcasts a radio show and creates Short Films to achieve the objectives of Trinayani. One may visit the website of Trinayani at www.trinayani.org to know more about her activities around the trust. She lives in the city of Mumbai in India.

With a dazzling smile like the rays of the morning sun, the spirit of a backpacker on a never-ending winding trail, and an ever-inviting heart which has great respect for humanity, Ritika believes in A Better World for a "Better Me".

Instead of waiting for it, Ritika wants to "Be" The Wind of Change.



Social Activist

Ritika founded the not-for-profit NGO Trinayani in 2006 which works untiringly for the cause of Awareness about the world of Disability and the promise of Equality for "people with disabilities". Under the banner of this NGO, Ritika along with her team of self advocates, volunteers and professionals, designs and conducts holding interactive infotaining workshops, creates informative radio shows, films, books, stage plays, games and relevant advocacy exercises to propagate awareness pertaining to disability.
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